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Pray for: Scalpel at the Cross

Monday, February 12th, 2024

Scalpel at the Cross’ mission is to be a lighthouse for Christ through a medical ministry in the Peruvian Amazon by offering free orthopedic surgical and rehabilitative care as a platform for sharing the hope of the gospel.

Over the past two decades, with teams of Peruvian and American staff and volunteers, Scalpel has evaluated, treated, and provided care for patients with musculoskeletal conditions in Pucallpa, Peru. At the same time, they facilitate educational exchange amongst local medical providers. Scalpel works with local hospitals and more than 17 strategic ministry partners, including SAMAIR Peru. SAM’s history with Scalpel dates back to 1988, when a strong friendship was formed between SAM members Craig and Heather Gahagan and Scalpel founders Peter and Nancy Cole.

Currently, Scalpel at the Cross is fundraising to build Miracle Campus in Pucallpa, which will include permanent facilities for orthopedic services while supporting the spiritual needs of the patients and those who serve them.

Scalpel at the Cross is unwavering in its commitment to seeing the gospel impact lives for eternity.