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Pray for: the Laynes in Recife, Brazil

Monday, April 25th, 2022

Education for missionary kids (MKs) looks different for every family depending on the family and where they live. Homeschooling, boarding school, English-speaking schools and local-language schools are some of the options for missionaries. 

The Layne kids in Recife, Brazil are attending a local Christian Brazilian school. 

The realities of moving to a new country and transitioning into a new school, especially in a second language, can be challenging for both kids and parents. Pray for Kevin and Emily as they navigate the challenges of learning a new culture, serving in their ministries, and parenting throughout this transition. Please pray for wisdom as their kids navigate the good and hard of school–classwork, teachers, making friends and bullying.

Pray for their kids as school is all in Portuguese and for the Laynes to be a blessing to the school community.