Touch of the Master Music School

For SAM’s Recife Redemptive Ministries team, led by Craig and Mary DeLille, music is a platform to reach the Dois Unidos community for Christ. Recently, this platform progressed to a new level with the opening of a school in Dois Unidos—Touch of the Master Music School (TMMS). By promoting a deeper understanding of our creative nature and its direct connection to our Creator, we seek to be agents of heart change so that the music TMMS students make promotes the values and principles that lead to godly behavior.

The school offers theory and practice in guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. The SAM Recife team—made up of accomplished musicians—are the instructors and shepherds at the school. We have made renovations to a house in Dois Unidos that serves as the school’s home. Tuition is $25 per month per student, or $300 per year.

As we lay a foundation for this transformational ministry in Dois Unidos, a great way to invest in its sustainability is by donating to our scholarship program. Please consider the gift of a half ($150) or whole-year scholarship ($300) today.

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