Growing Together in Recife, Brazil

January 30, 2023 |
Recife Redemptive Ministries: Growing Together

20 years of growing together in Recife…and seeing lives transformed!

Partnering with local churches, Recife Redemptive ministries responds to encountered needs in Brazil, demonstrating God’s heart for the impoverished in their communities. We minister in peoples’ lives in ways that let them know that God and His people value them. One of those ways is to alleviate suffering through providing adequate housing, food, and clothing. Additionally, we invest personal time, teach, encourage, and counsel, as a means of aligning lives with God’s priorities and will.  The hope of Recife Redemptive ministries is to see Gospel transformation in the lives of our neighbors.

Read about John who first connected to Recife Redemptive ministries through short-term mission trips. Recently, he played a significant role in helping our ministry provide care and training to local pastors. Leaders from Downline Ministries, based out of Tennessee, traveled to SAM Center in Recife to facilitate a weekend of training and development for local pastors. The weekend focused on the topic of discipleship and challenged these pastors to engage leaders within their church plus seek true growth and transformation in the gospel.

Read about Josenildo (Jose) who we connected with in our first years serving this community. Jose is an example of someone that has grown with the Recife ministry, and a humbling reminder of the intricate ways God weaves together stories and experiences. He was impacted by discipleship and intentional relationships through our ministries and is now giving back through his work at the SAM Center.



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