Heartbeats of Hope

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Heartbeats of Hope Crisis Pregnancy Center started with a partnership of seven churches in Pucallpa, Peru. We exist to evangelize and counsel women who are facing crisis pregnancies. We aim to prevent abortion and offer a new life of hope found only in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Providing accurate information about women’s choices, promoting youth purity, and counseling post-abortive women are key aspects of our work.

Being the 7th crisis pregnancy center in Peru (population 33+ million) and the first in the jungle region, Heartbeats of Hope plays a crucial role. With proper volunteer training, strategic promotion, instructional resources, and basic necessities for young mothers, we help save lives and impact young families. Our care is rooted in the love, grace, and mercy of Jesus Christ.

Although illegal, abortions remain prevalent. More than 1,000 abortions are performed each day in Peru, often risking mothers’ lives. Promiscuity and teen pregnancy are common, and STD’s are on the rise in Pucallpa. Single-mother homes are widespread, and most women in these situations grapple with poverty due to incomplete education. Additionally, many women find themselves in unhealthy, abusive relationships, often too scared to seek help.

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