Dawson, Ryan and Jenny

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Ryan and Jenny Dawson are dual-member missionaries with SAM and with Mission Padamo Aviation and Support (MPAS).

Both Ryan and Jenny grew up in Venezuela as children of missionaries. Jenny moved to Venezuela as part of a mission aviation family and Ryan was born in Venezuela as a 3rd generation missionary and grew up in the jungle context.

Ryan and Jenny joined MPAS in 2011 with the hope of being a mission aviation family together in Venezuela, but given the escalation of the political and social crisis there, they realized that the possibility of that goal was shrinking rapidly. As they prayed about their clear call to ministry, they took the step of faith to attend a year of language school in Costa Rica and became connected to South America Mission and our SAMAIR program.

The Dawson family are assigned to SAMAIR Peru, serving the local church via mission aviation throughout the Eastern jungles of Peru. Ryan and Jenny both have a heart for the advancement of the gospel and the role of the church in the establishment of God’s kingdom on Earth.

Donations to Support the Dawsons’ Ministry with SAM

Please visit Mission Padamo Aviation and Support (MPAS) to make a donation.

    Ministry: SAMAIR Peru

    Imagine an aerial view of a Cessna 206 float plane, suspended above the backdrop of an Amazon River tributary with a remote village on its flooded banks. In that view, all the pieces come together and convey aviation’s integral role in the ministry of South America Mission: transporting fulfillers of the Great Commission to the hard-to-reach places, to the people in those remote, village homes, with the good news of Jesus.

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