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Imagine an aerial view of a Cessna 206 floatplane, suspended above the backdrop of an Amazon River tributary with a remote village on its flooded banks. In that view, all the pieces come together and convey aviation’s integral role in the ministry of South America Mission: transporting fulfillers of the Great Commission to the hard-to-reach places, to the people in those remote, village homes, with the good news of Jesus. SAMAIR Peru lands planes, creating crossroads of humanity, making God known.

Hundreds of villages are among the 55+ tribes throughout the jungles of Peru. Some have no Gospel witness while others boast their own Bible training programs. Many of these groups have limited or no access to the outside world due to geographical restrictions. Travel to and from these locations is very difficult.  Many missionaries simply cannot access these areas without aviation service. Villagers, open to the Gospel, also seek solutions for educational and economic needs.

Aviation directly impacts approximately 20 different people groups in Peru each year. These groups represent a growing population of road-less people whose primary interaction with the Gospel of Christ is through aviation transportation. Every freshwater well that is set up, every medical emergency flight completed, and every missionary delivered is for one purpose: to bring life through the Gospel. We partner with the local church and national missionaries through aviation. Plus, we enable the ministries of ten other organizations to actively spread the Word of God in Peru.

(SAMAIR operates out of Santa Cruz, Bolivia and Pucallpa, Peru. For more information about SAMAIR’s work in Bolivia, click here.)

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