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Pray for: The Cauca Region of Colombia

Monday, June 24th, 2024

In Cauca, a region of Colombia, the Wájaro Foundation works with Misak youth and the Kansuy weaving women. The weavers purchased four new spinning mills with funds from a partner organization. Wájaro also trained a group of dedicated teachers in the Alfalit methodology to use in their literacy program. Their literacy centers are open to a diverse group of adults in the area consisting of Misak, Nasa, and Afro-Colombianos, many of whom are impacted by current armed conflict.

Please pray for the region of Cauca, as the stability and the safety of its residents are becoming more and more dangerous. Tensions are rising, and violence is increasing. Some close friends of the Wájaro Foundation are being threatened with their lives. Please pray for the youth, women artisans, teachers, and cooperatives in the Misak community, that they will be deeply encouraged, and that God will provide for and protect them miraculously.