Wájaro Foundation Colombia

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In 2017, SAM missionaries, Jake and Lauren Jones, and two friends started a Colombian non-profit called Fundación Wájaro, or The Wájaro Foundation. The word “wájaro” comes from the Enduria people of Colombia and means “let’s go together”.

At its core, Wájaro is an active expression of faith in Jesus, and of reverence for the indigenous and vulnerable communities He desires to see flourish.

Wájaro’s Vision is:
  1. To see dignity, collective-well being and Christian fellowship flourish in indigenous and other vulnerable communities throughout Colombia.
Wájaro’s Mission is to:
  1. stimulate community-led processes that respond to basic human needs, that defend and care for the natural environment, that seek peace, justice and reconciliation, and that strengthen, equip and unify the church in indigenous and vulnerable communities.
  2. serve as a bridge between local populations, government entities, civil society, churches and the private sector in order to foment collaborative possibilities in indigenous and vulnerable communities.
  3. create space for multicultural dialogue and reflection on connection, community and faith via relational engagement with indigenous and vulnerable communities.

The Wájaro Foundation has been working extensively among the Wayuu people in the desert region of northern Colombia, but is now expanding its reach, also working alongside the Pro-Indigenous Consortium of Colombia. An affiliate ministry partner of South America Mission, Wájaro cooperates with SAM for the proclamation of the Gospel and the glory of God among the nations of South America.