Wájaro Foundation Colombia

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The Wájaro Foundation (www.wajaro.org) is a legal Colombian NGO, managed by a diverse Board of Directors who receives input from individuals and organizations with both local and international experience. Though recently founded, Wájaro comes as a result of years of engagement with base communities – indigenous, campesino, and urban – from across the Americas.

The word “Wájaro”, which comes from the language spoken by the Amazonian tribal group known as the Eduria, means “let’s go together” and captures in large-part what the Wájaro Foundation seeks to do—to walk alongside groups of people engaged in peace and justice work in difficult regions throughout Colombia.

At its core, Wájaro is an active expression of faith in Jesus, and of reverence for the indigenous and vulnerable communities He desires to see flourish.

Wájaro’s Vision is:
  1. To accompany communities most affected by Colombia’s historic armed conflict in their pursuit of peace, justice, reconciliation and collective wellbeing..
Wájaro’s Mission is to:
  1. To work with local leadership, and together support initiatives that seek to strengthen and rebuild community social fabric.
  2. To build collaborative partnerships with other private, public and religious organizations involved in Colombia’s post-conflict reconstruction effort.
  3. To invite groups that support our work to engage the communities we accompany, with the aim of creating space for critical reflection, mutual encouragement and transformation.

The Wájaro Foundation has been working extensively among the Wayuu people in the desert region of northern Colombia, and with the Misak of the high Andean region in southwest Colombia. It is an active member of the Pro-Indigenous Christian Consortium of Colombia and works hand-in-hand with the Network of Indigenous Evangelical Leaders of Colombia. Through numerous programs in education, association and collective formation, income generation, and others, Wájaro walks out it’s faith in Jesus and passion to strengthen and equip the Indigenous church and communities in war-torn areas of Colombia. An affiliate ministry partner of South America Mission, Wájaro cooperates with SAM for the proclamation of the Gospel and the glory of God among the nations of South America.

Ministry Team: