Indigenous Rural Outreach

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The Indigenous Rural Outreach (IRO) team dedicates itself to serving individuals and rural communities in Bolivia. We do this by cultivating relationships and following the example of Christ. We strive to minister to both the physical and spiritual needs of the community. Through transformational ministry, we desire to assist believers in attaining a life that reflects the image of God, redemption, and brings glory to Him.

Our core values encompass discipleship, sustainability, and mercy. Our vision entails seeing a truly independent tribal and rural church where believers embrace responsibility for their own and their neighbors’ spiritual and physical well-being. The IRO team endeavors to build relationships through service and ministry to the whole person. This enables believers to work toward a quality of life that reflects the image of God and His transforming power. Alongside SAM personnel, the team includes numerous Bolivian believers.

One primary focus of the Indigenous Rural Outreach (IRO) team revolves around building and developing the Torre Fuerte discipleship center. Responding to the need for well-trained, discipled church leaders, who may come from a limited educational background, Torre Fuerte serves as a space for individuals desiring to grow in their faith.

Presently, the center hosts camps, conferences, and retreats. Our long-term objective is to establish a three-year educational program. This program will focus on growing spiritually mature church leaders plus developing life skills to sustain their families and ministries. Youth camps are currently employed as a means to combat the prevalent risks of substance abuse and prostitution in certain communities.

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