Torre Fuerte Indigenous Discipleship Center

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Torre Fuerte Indigenous Discipleship Center is named after the actual tower mountain behind the property and symbolizes the Strong Tower that our God is in all circumstances. In April 2022, we embarked on an exciting journey by purchasing the land in eastern Bolivia, near the town of Chochis, and began construction on this vital project.

Responding to the need for well-trained, discipled church leaders, who may come from a limited educational background, Torre Fuerte serves as a space for individuals desiring to grow in their faith. An initiative of FRALIC (Indigenous Christian Leaders Fraternity) and supported by South America Mission, we aim to deliver culturally relevant training. We equip Indigenous pastors and church leaders sent by their church, nurturing and empowering them to return to their churches and communities with the skills and faith needed to serve effectively.

Cesar Surubi, president of the network of Indigenous Christian leaders of the Amazon and lowland region in Bolivia and his wife, Mirtha, serve as the directors of Torre Fuerte. One primary focus of SAM’s Indigenous Rural Outreach (IRO) team revolves around building and developing the Torre Fuerte discipleship center.

To facilitate Cesar and Mirtha’s full-time residency at Torre Fuerte and ensure the ministry thrives, we needed a reliable source of electricity for essentials like lighting, refrigeration, and a water pump. Given the center’s remote location, installing electricity from the power company would cost around $10,000. Instead, we opted for a cost-effective solution by installing a solar panel system at half the price. This sustainable choice allows Cesar and Mirtha to live at the center and hold longer-term classes and trainings.

The team longs to see vibrant and fruitful churches reaching the Indigenous community. We pray that as we continue moving forward, we bring glory to God and become a great blessing to the leaders of the ethnic groups of the Amazon.

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