Ryan, Eric & Zola

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Eric, Zola and their 3 daughters – Glenna Mae, Shannon, and Fiona – will serve in Bolivia. Currently, they are active in serving with their sending church, Faith Baptist Church of Harney County in Burns, Oregon. Eric grew up as a pastor’s kid in Texas. Zola is the daughter of a ranch hand in Harney County. They met while studying rangeland management at Texas A&M University, and married in 2003.

Eric and Zola both grew up in Christian families, and participated in short-term mission trips during their high school and college years. Eric once asked his dad why he had become a pastor in a different denomination than the one he had grown up in. One of the major reasons his father gave was the emphasis that his chosen denomination placed on missions.

The Ryans have long felt God’s call on their lives to serve in missions. Their call includes sharing the gospel, discipling new believers, and participating in economic and agricultural development initiatives. God has been faithful in meeting the Ryan’s physical and spiritual needs and preparing them for service. Today, the Ryans seek to share God’s faithfulness and provision with the people of rural Bolivia.

    Ministry: Indigenous Rural Outreach

    Formerly called the Ayoré Holistic Ministry, this team is expanding their reach to include other indigenous and rural people along with the Ayoré. The IRO (Indigenous Rural Outreach) Team is committed to serving individuals and communities as a means of building relationships and following the example of Christ.

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