SAMAIR Bolivia

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SAMAIR is the vital link in a mission effort to carry the Gospel into the most remote areas of the Bolivian countryside, assisting in evangelism, pastoral support and strengthening the body of Christ through discipleship and leadership formation. Missions aviation directly enables the reach and influence of gospel workers in rural and remote locations.

SAMAIR Bolivia provides safe, efficient, and affordable air transportation. We reach remote areas of Bolivia that are difficult to access because of their physical isolation. The lack of infrastructure in areas served by SAMAIR makes the airplane a unique tool in reaching those in need. Service to these communities demonstrates Christ’s love by meeting spiritual, social and physical needs.

SAMAIR Bolivia’s focus is the eastern lowlands and the northern flood plains of the Amazon basin of Bolivia. About half of the year, varying by region and intensity of the rainy season, remote areas of these regions are inaccessible by land.

(SAMAIR operates out of Santa Cruz, Bolivia and Pucallpa, Peru. For more information about SAMAIR’s work in Peru, click here.)

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