Mahon, Mike & Nancy

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Mike and Nancy are missionaries in Pucallpa, Peru. They are from Ohio, where Mike received training at Mission Maintenance Services in preparation for service in Peru. Mike serves on the SAMAIR team ensuring that the ministry has the necessary parts and authority to legally function. Nancy teaches at SAM Academy, instructing her students in the ways of English grammar, not an easy task. The Mahon children are Annette and Daniel. Annette has graduated from college and will soon be married while Daniel has just begun his college years.

Mike and Nancy desire to see the gospel transform lives and whole communities as the Church lives out its calling to be Christ’s Body demonstrating and declaring the gospel of grace.

    Ministry: Peru Field, GO Fund

    Each of South America Mission’s countries of service incurs costs associated with managing and facilitating ministry and caring for missionaries (e.g. compliance with local government regulations, operating a field office, stewarding field finances, etc.) Resources allocated in support of the general operations of the Peru field directly support the infrastructure essential to ministry.

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    Ministry: SAMAIR Peru

    A mission critical asset of SAMAIR, its floatplane, was destroyed on November 8, 2020, when a devastating storm struck SAMAIR Peru’s base in the eastern Amazon.
    We immediately launched a $500,000 fundraising campaign to purchase a float plane and get it operational in the eastern Amazon of Peru.

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    Ministry: SAM Academy

    Situated in the jungle region of Pucallpa, Peru, SAM Academy provides an excellent education (grades 1-12) for the children of missionaries. We seek to free missionary parents for service by providing their children with a well-rounded education and preparing them for higher education in the US and other developed nations.

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