Julio & Olga Chiang

Julio and Olga are missionaries in Lima, Peru. Julio learned to ride a motorcycle at the age of 8 and God granted him much success as a professional motocross rider winning 10 National and 2 Latin American titles. In 2004, Julio and Olga moved to Pucallpa, Peru, and used motocross as a platform for sharing the gospel, which led to the planting of Mil Palmeras Church. During their time serving in Pucallpa, they shared their passion for discipling and training godly leaders within the context of the local church. After many years ministering in Pucallpa, they felt the Lord’s leading to Lima to start the Lima Initiative.

Ministry: Peru Church Planting

In 2006, SAM missionaries planted Iglesia Mil Palmeras, in Pucallpa, Peru, also known as Thousand Palms Church. Today, Mil Palmeras is transforming its community by embodying the Kingdom of God. With close to 300 congregants, they are actively engaging the city of Pucallpa and beyond into the Amazon to plant new, transformational churches that impact the world for Christ.

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Ministry: Lima Initiative

In today’s world, cities are more and more framing the landscape of the nations. Especially in Latin America, we see cities like never before. 520 million people live in the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking Americas—391 million live in 16,000 cities.

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