Opportunity: Highlands Church Support

South America Mission partners with the Seminario Bíblico Church Association in the La Paz/El Alto region of Bolivia. We support this largely Aymaran church association’s leadership development and church multiplication efforts.

We are recruiting missionaries to help SAM Bolivia re-establish its long-term missionary presence in this region to enhance the association’s church multiplication strategy, leadership development efforts and discipleship of youth namely in the city of El Alto.

La Paz is the capital city of Bolivia, high in the Andes. The city of El Alto sits at the top of the La Paz valley with a population approaching 1 million. The city’s sprawl extends out into the cold and windswept Altiplano.

Candidates interested in this service opportunity should be willing to take on the challenge of living in sometimes harsh climate and altitude conditions at 14,000 feet. They also need to be initiators, creative in developing outreach ideas, and possess a strong level of Spanish proficiency.

Reach out to SAM’s missions coach, Ally Lee, alee@southamericamission.org, to begin a dialogue today.

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