Elementary Teachers at the SCCLC, Bolivia.

Elementary Teachers, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

The Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center (SCCLC) in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, is seeking Elementary Teachers to fill key roles for Kindergarten and grades 2-5. SCCLC is a Pre-K thru 12 school following the American school system. At SCCLC, the future leaders of Santa Cruz receive a comprehensive and multilingual Christian education that exceeds national and international academic standards, preparing its students spiritually, academically, and socially to transform their world. With less than 250 students, approx 80% of whom are Bolivian, SCCLC creates a relaxed and intimate educational environment, giving staff and faculty the opportunity to engage the next generation of leaders at a personal level, and affect substantive change in one of South America’s developing nations. Those serving at SCCLC will be fully integrated into SAM’s team in Santa Cruz for encouragement and support. Beyond the walls of the school, SAM’s missionary team in Bolivia is planting churches, developing leaders for the church, and mobilizing missionaries alongside the vibrant Bolivian-led churches of Santa Cruz. As such, SCCLC’s missionary staff has opportunities to see and contribute to a wide variety of missional activity throughout Bolivia.

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