Center for Integral Theological Education (CIET)

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CIET, the Center for Integral Theological Education [Centro Integral de Estudios Teológicos] in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, exists to provide quality, biblical pastoral training for church leaders and lay-leaders of the church in eastern Bolivia in order to see them well grounded in love, ministry, and doctrine. Funding helps to staff the institute with national professors and directors. Additionally, donations provide quality academic resources for the students of CIET (including texts, a library and computer lab), recruit new students, and fully reach all the churches spread out in the vast lowlands of eastern Bolivia.

CIET is South America Mission’s biblical leadership training center for eastern Bolivia. CIET seeks to train faithful men and women “who will be able to teach others also” (2 Timothy 2:2). We do this through our night institute in the city of Santa Cruz and three rural extensions throughout eastern Bolivia. We also provide and coordinate seminars and intensive modules so pastors and other workers can continue to receive pastoral training in areas vital to ministry.

Through well-rounded theological education, CIET serves pastors, workers, and potential leaders of the Evangelical Christian churches in eastern Bolivia. CIET also offers the program Gozo de Servir (The Joy of Serving) for women. This is an international program that comes from the SETECA seminary in Guatemala and has seen great success in Bolivia. Women meet together to study, but each one is commissioned to teach at least one other. CIET is the official provider of this program for all of Bolivia.

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