Educational Ministries—Johannes Gutenberg

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Together with the Asociación Oportunidades Para La Vida (AOPLV),  The Johannes Gutenberg school offers quality education and technical training to prepare the next generation to positively impact society. The school’s educational ministry targets the at-risk children and youth of Lima and Huanta, Peru.

History of the Johannes Gutenberg Schools

In the 60s, Italian missionary Dr. Jose Moró founded “Kinderwerk Lima”, an educational initiative to care for and influence for Christ an emerging generation of young people living in extreme conditions in the city of Lima, Peru.

Dr. Moró’s ministry and advocacy led to the formation of Asociación Cultural “Johannes Gutenberg” in 1970. In partnership with Kinderwerk, the Association formed a primary school in the community of El Agustino, Lima. By 1986 a similar educational initiative opened with 50 children in the community of Comas in Lima.

In the 1990s, “Johannes Gutenberg” expanded its ministry for secondary students, with a technical and professional focus. The geographic scope of the ministry also expanded to Huanta, a city in the state of Ayacucho.

Today, more than 2,100 children and youth attend the “Johannes Gutenberg” schools in Lima and Huanta. The enrolled children are at-risk, with limited access to educational opportunities. Many students come from single parent and dysfunctional households.

Partnership with South America Mission

South America Mission and the Asociación Cultural “Johannes Gutenberg” are partnering together because of a mutual commitment to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and shared mission objectives in Peru. As an affiliate ministry partner, the Association receives donations stewarded through SAM. Missionaries can be assigned to Johannes Gutenberg ministry contexts in Peru.

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