Proclaim Project

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The Proclaim Project presents public and private high school assemblies that always end in evangelism. Each one begins with important subjects like addictions, saving sex for marriage and abuse awareness. Most teens in Peru are uninformed about such things and are compromising their welfare and future. These interesting informative presentations encourage them to make wise decisions for their lives and for their eternal relationship with God.

The Proclaim team in Peru is led by Pastor Jose Delgado and his wife, Angela. Christian professionals volunteer to speak, and encourage teens to have realistic and mature perspectives. School directors and teachers welcome such assistance.

The second speaker in each event is a youth evangelist who relates the subject to the lives of teens and shares the message of God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ, and the call of Christ to follow him. Each year typically more than a thousand students respond to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ. The Proclaim team motivates local “host” churches to be involved, trains their counselors, and encourages them to disciple students who respond to the gospel so they can grow in faith.

The Proclaim team holds about three events each week of school on average. Proclaim has reached out to high schools in more than 35 cities of Peru, and counting.

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