Moyer Enduring Hope Colombia Fund

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Bob and Ruth Ann Moyer’s enduring hope for Colombia—where they served more than four decades as missionaries with South America Mission—is the same Christ-given hope that compelled them to Colombia in 1965. This hope for redemption in Christ, made manifest through the Church, transforms communities by radiating God’s love, grace and compassion through life-on-life engagement with the world. Inspired by their commitment, South America Mission named the Enduring Hope Fund in their honor.

Santa Marta, Colombia, gives witness to the transformative impact of the body of Christ in a congregation of believers known as Iglésia La Esperanza. The Moyers, part of a dedicated SAM missionary team, were instrumental in founding La Esperanza in the 1980s. The name of the church translates into English as “hope”, i.e., Hope Church—a name invoking the one true hope that continues to compel God’s work onward in Colombia.

The Moyer Enduring Hope Fund is about sustaining ministry through La Esperanza into the future. When the Moyers landed in Colombia so many years ago, they could not have conceived of all that God has accomplished! And they would be the first to say that they were not alone. The Holy Spirit has worked through the collective influence of the people of God, the cloud of witnesses that has risen up around Bob’s and Ruth Ann’s work over the years. In honor the Moyers, we are celebrating God’s mighty deeds and his power made manifest in us together.

To honor the Moyers’ legacy and the partners who have walked alongside them, South America Mission established The Moyer Enduring Hope Colombia Fund to sustain God’s work in Colombia for years to come. The Enduring Hope funds focuses its monies on capital projects to improve facilities and transformational initiatives led by the local Colombian church.