Transforming Ministries

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Transforming Ministries serves in three specific areas: Church Planting, Leadership Formation, and Pastoral Care. We seek complete dependence on God.  We value biblical inspiration, prayer, character, humility, respect for diversity, flexibility, responsibility, and service. 

Transforming Ministries is a strategic collaboration designed to strengthen and multiply urban churches by preparing and caring for their leaders. We long to see dozens of Christian communities, primarily Spanish-speaking, established across Latin America and other parts of the world. We strive to equip and mentor pastors and leaders within these communities to bring transformation by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our goals include:

  • Strengthening churches to develop into self-sustaining and multiplying churches.
  • Planting churches – until the Lord returns – from the churches we strengthen.
  • Encouraging churches to become multi-campus or branch churches forming networks with their daughter or satellite churches, for greater continuity and to maximize the use of resources.
  • Creating pastor mentoring groups for new pastors to receive holy, deep, and dynamic training from experienced pastors.
  • Identifying geographic areas in cities, countries, and continents to establish Transforming Ministries with the direction of the Holy Spirit.
  • Sharing and collaborating in a united way to connect pastors to our experiences and resources.
  • Caring for each other while seeking to humbly serve the Kingdom of God.
Transforming Ministries Team