Wayuu Guajira Ministry

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South America Mission has a long partnership with the Wayuu people of northern Colombia, working alongside them to support their church leadership and community development initiatives. The Wayuu Guajira Ministry supports CENFOW (Centro para la Formación de Obreros Wayuu), the pastoral training center located in the northern desert (Uribia, La Guajira) of Colombia.

In partnership with South America Mission, the Wayuu church association, known as INDIEWACOL, founded CENFOW in the early 2000s. Today, CENFOW graduates serve as pastors among the Wayuu in northern Colombia, sharing the transformational hope that they have in Christ with their communities. CENFOW students study and stay at the center for one week each month from February to November, and to graduate as a pastor, they study at the center for three years.

Our commitment is to help form a strong, dedicated leadership for the Church among the Wayuu. The partnership and support of CENFOW is one example of how we invest in the future of the Church in northern Colombia.

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