Caswell, RJ

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RJ Caswell serves on SAM’s Senior Leadership Team as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). He actively leads with a forward-thinking approach and a natural ability to connect. Plus, he skillfully engages leaders on a relational level, guiding them through challenging situations. RJ is passionate about his faith and leaving a lasting impression on people, projects, and organizations through leadership and creative initiatives.

With a wealth of experience and a diverse professional background, RJ brings valuable perspectives to SAM. After receiving a master’s degree in counseling, he began his career as a counselor. He later founded and launched his own non-profit counseling center. RJ’s leadership journey also includes serving many years as the Executive Pastor for a large, influential church in Charlotte, NC.

As COO, RJ introduces systems, structures, and support to ministry operations across Latin America. He and his wife, Rebecca, have four children.

    Ministry: Vision Fund (Core Support)

    At the heart of God’s strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission is the multiplication of the church. “Going” and “making disciples” and “church” are all fundamentally about people, God’s redemptive agents.

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