Enciso, Jorge & Ginny

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We both grew up in the Bogotá of the 80s, a tough place with the drug wars and bombs exploding…

Jorge: I was actually kidnapped once, haha! I was three years old and was released five hours later, safe and sound. It was a weird experience, but it did not mark me much. For you, it was different. Right?

Ginny: My parents were some of the few North American missionaries who didn’t leave Colombia during that time. I used to sleep facing the window to ensure the guerrillas were not coming in to take us away!

When we met, Ginny had just returned to Colombia from doing a service year in Honduras right after finishing her undergrad at Moody Bible Institute. Jorge was finishing his legal studies at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He was also working at a student exchange company.

Jorge: My life was a mess at the time, and when I saw you interviewing with my boss, I felt a pain in my gut because I instantly liked you, but I knew you were way out of my league. When my coworker saw my jaw dropping, she said, “Don’t even think about it; she’s a Christian.”

Ginny: I don’t even remember meeting you till two weeks later (sorry!) when you asked me out to an awful theater play. I left in the middle of it and was surprised when you walked right behind me.

Ginny was training for a half marathon, and Jorge would come to watch her run laps until he finally started running with her. We ran that first race and many more together. Running has always been a theme in our life and a good metaphor for our spiritual pilgrimage.

Jorge: One day, you explained grace to me. My eyes were wide open to the hope in Jesus, and all I wanted to do was to share the Good News with my friends!

Ginny: That’s what missions is all about, you silly.

After marrying and spending a season learning about Christian community development in Memphis, we moved back to Bogotá in 2008 with our first child (out of five!). We started investing in the children from our neighborhood. Out of that came Viva Youth, the NGO through which we provide support, connection, and emotional and spiritual well-being to at-risk youth. We love activating youth through faith connections!

And because we truly believe that Jesus changes lives and that the local church is His perfect agent, we started a house church network in Colombia, Ciudad Corazon. We thrive on having people over to worship and serve in our many projects.

Hey, you, come love and be-loved!

    Ministry: Fundación Comunidad Viva (Viva Youth)

    Viva Youth is a Colombian foundation started by Jorge and Ginny Enciso. At the heart of Viva Youth are house churches (Casas Corazones) that collectively meet monthly as Ciudad Corazón.
    The house churches are the protagonists in Comunidad Viva’s story.

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