Opportunity: Executive Pastor

Executive Pastor

Executive Pastor in Lima, Peru

The Lima Initiative partners with City to City and centers its church planting efforts in key areas of Peru’s largest city. Their initial church plant serves as a model for discipleship and leadership training in the context of the local church. As the initial church plant continues to grow, the team is evaluating the opportunity for planting a second church.

To effectively manage this ministry, the Lima Initiative team is seeking a full-time executive pastor. The ideal candidate would have experience in cross-cultural ministry and Spanish language proficiency with a heart for administration and shepherding.

An executive pastor would:

  • Organize and coordinate ministries
    • The executive pastor would oversee church leadership and ministries, coordinating their schedules and strategies.
  • Serve in church administration
    • The executive pastor would develop financial strategy, budgeting, and accountability.
  • Follow-up on the church agenda
    • The executive pastor would provide leadership and accountability to the church’s goals and initiatives.
  • Execute the vision of the church
    • The executive pastor would see and enable the church’s vision, given by the senior pastor and elder board, in order to fulfill and grow the vision.

If you are an experienced pastor, gifted with administration, contact us today to learn more about this role: Preliminary Information Form

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