David & Lisa Speyers

David and Lisa are missionaries in Pucallpa, Peru. They met while serving with SAM as single missionaries in Bolivia, David with SAMAIR and Lisa as a teacher at the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center. After marrying, they joined SAM together and have returned to South America to serve in Peru with SAMAIR.

They play an integral role in the ministry of SAMAIR where David serves as a pilot and airplane mechanic. Their work allows those in remote areas of Peru to receive the care and attention they need leading to opportunities to hear of Jesus, their greatest need.

Ministry: SAMAIR Peru

(SAMAIR operates out of Pucallpa, Peru, and Santa Cruz, Bolivia. For more information about SAMAIR’s work in Bolivia, click here.) Imagine an aerial view of a Cessna 206 float plane, suspended above the backdrop of an Amazon River tributary with a remote village on its flooded banks.

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