Ammi Training Center

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The Ammi Training Center, established in 1995, wants to see a dynamic church in every tribe in Brazil. With the vision to see disciples of Jesus Christ in every tribe, Ammi provides Bible and leadership training to Indigenous people scattered throughout Brazil. Consequently, the Ammi staff is dedicated to nurturing Indigenous believers, empowering them to grow in their knowledge of Christ and utilize their gifts to serve the Church.

Brazil claims an estimated 305 tribal groups, comprising nearly one million individuals. While there is a strong movement among the indigenous to urbanize, a significant portion of these groups (110) lack exposure to the gospel. Plus, 35 tribal groups teeter on the brink of extinction. In response, Ammi already trained 321 graduates from 49 ethnic backgrounds, the vast majority of whom are living in or near tribal contexts. Notably, tribal leaders continue to demonstrate eagerness for our students to visit and share their stories.

Students come to the Ammi campus where they live, study, and serve for eight months of the year. The Ammi staff, encompassing diverse ethnicities, actively participates in all aspects of student training. Students train in scripture knowledge and practical life skills such as agriculture, health, and construction.

The Center employs several key strategies to fulfill its mission. These include formal teaching of God’s word, contextualized ministry opportunities, and the sending of students and missionaries to develop or participate in other projects throughout Brazil. Additionally, Ammi Training Center participates in CONPLEI, the National Council of Indigenous Evangelical Pastors and Leaders.

The pursuit of Bible and leadership training by Indigenous leaders, along with their heartfelt desire to see their communities redeemed through Christ’s love, brings immense glory to God. It is a privilege for the Ammi Training Center to participate in this transformational process.

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