Ashaninka Sponsorships

From: $25 – subscription plan available

Opened in the 1990s, the Ashaninka Bible Institute faithfully serves small churches among the 30,000 Ashaninka tribespeople throughout Peru’s central jungle region. Ashaninka sponsorships directly enable Institute students to complete coursework and serve their local communities.

Every August and September, the Institute offers a 2-month session on biblical and pastoral training designed to meet the basic needs of the Ashaninka peoples’ agrarian lifestyle. Students earn a basic Diploma of Theology after the completion of three two-month sessions over three years.

The cost of the program is a challenge within the largely non-cash Ashaninka culture. Consequently, Ashaninka sponsorships help realize the goals of these future pastors. A $300 Ashaninka sponsorship allows lay pastors to complete a 2-month session in biblical education. Sponsorships of $600 allow married couples to both receive training.

Given our vision for dynamic churches with effective leadership in the more than 80 Ashaninka communities, the Ashaninka sponsorships are vital. Beyond impacting individual Ashaninka lives, sponsorships influence the community where trained Ashaninka pastors serve. Transformed Ashaninka churches become beacons of hope in their village, making each sponsorship a valuable contribution to achieving this goal.

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