Viva LatAm

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Decades of armed conflict and political unrest have left Latin America’s social fabric in shreds. At-risk youth are falling through those cracks. Viva LatAm is working to change the future of these youth, known to us as our Primos y Primas (Cousins).

In 2008, the Enciso family started their missionary journey in Colombia. God called them to bridge the gap between local churches and the surrounding communities. From their ministry work, Viva Youth, a Christian NGO in Colombia, was established in 2011 to empower local churches to become agents of social and spiritual transformation, with a strong emphasis on at-risk youth.

They also laid the foundation for a self-sustained network of house churches. Ciudad Corazón is a ten-year-old house church network in Colombia and Venezuela deeply devoted to ministering to the most vulnerable in society. The house churches have a strong vocation of community service in their DNA.

Today, Viva LatAm weaves together the ministries of Viva Youth, Ciudad Corazón, and Jorge and Ginny Enciso. Their shared goal is to see the gospel take root and bring positive change to disadvantaged youth, their families, and communities. The Encisos’ unwavering commitment to at-risk youth and house churches brings hope to the local communities.

Viva LatAm unifies our efforts to propel these growing ministries across Latin America. Your financial gifts to Viva LatAm turn chalkboard strategy into redeemed lives, beautiful churches, and transformed communities! Join us in God’s work.

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