Jones, Jake & Lauren

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Jake and Lauren moved to Colombia in 2015, after living, working, and church-planting for 13 years in an under-resourced neighborhood in Indiana.

Jake grew up in Colombia, often living among the Eduria, an Indigenous community in the Amazon basin. In 2017, along with two friends, they started Fundación Wájaro, a Colombian non-profit. “Wájaro” is an Eduria phrase meaning “let’s go together,” and its vision is to accompany communities most affected by Colombia’s historic armed conflict in their pursuit of peace, justice, reconciliation, and collective well-being.

Jake and Lauren seek to strengthen and equip the Indigenous church and the Kingdom of God within communities throughout Colombia ( The Wájaro Foundation has been working extensively among the Wayuu in the desert region of northern Colombia, and the Misak in a south-western Andean area, however, it is connected to numerous other indigenous groups as it plays a role within the Pro-Indigenous Christian Consortium of Colombia and supporting a network of evangelical indigenous leaders.

The Joneses’ deepest passion is to walk in the life of Christ, to reveal and be faithful to Jesus who chose to turn the systems of this world upside down, reconciling people to Him and each other. “Remember the poor” and living in authentic community with others are the very things we are eager to do (Galatians 2:10).

    Ministry: Colombia Field, GO Fund

    South America Mission’s countries of service incur costs associated with catalyzing and managing ministry initiatives. We also invest resources in the infrastructure and services necessary to shepherd a vision-driven missionary community (e.g., compliance with local government regulations, operating a field office, stewarding field finances, pastoral care, etc.).

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    Ministry: Wájaro Foundation Colombia

    The Wájaro Foundation ( is a legal Colombian NGO, managed by a diverse Board of Directors who receives input from individuals and organizations with both local and international experience. Wájaro comes as a result of years of engagement with base communities – indigenous, campesino, and urban – from across the Americas.

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    Ministry: Colombia Church Planting

    As God’s people live authentically—infusing the world with the grace and mercy of Jesus—the local church takes on the beauty God desires for it. God’s church is a gathering of people through which he works out the purposes of redemption—in individuals, families, cities and nations.

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