Fiala, Sam

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Sam joined South America Mission after completing Moody Bible’s Aviation program to become a missionary pilot. Despite the heavy educational focus on technical training and mechanical aspects of aviation work, Sam’s heart has consistently focused on ministry to children and the marginalized. Sam’s experience as a Sunday School teacher and participating in street evangelism equips him well to use aviation as a tool for spreading the gospel in South America.

Sam will serve with SAMAIR Peru in Pucallpa, Peru alongside our missionary aviation team there. Additionally, he will become integrated into a local church and regularly minister to the passengers who fly with SAMAIR.

    Ministry: Peru Field, GO Fund

    Each of South America Mission’s countries of service incurs costs associated with managing and facilitating ministry and caring for missionaries (e.g. compliance with local government regulations, operating a field office, stewarding field finances, etc.) Resources allocated in support of the general operations of the Peru field¬†directly support the infrastructure essential to ministry.

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    Ministry: SAMAIR Peru

    Imagine an aerial view of a Cessna 206 floatplane, suspended above the backdrop of an Amazon River tributary with a remote village on its flooded banks. In that view, all the pieces come together and convey aviation’s integral role in the ministry of South America Mission: transporting fulfillers of the Great Commission to the hard-to-reach places, to the people in those remote, village homes, with the good news of Jesus.

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