Miller, Daniel & Rebekah

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Daniel and Rebekah met while still in high school. After dating for a few years, they began thinking about each other as potential spouses. They each individually felt God calling them to missions. They were both relieved and in awe of God’s plan when they learned that God had been working in the other’s heart in the same way. Often they look back on this story for God’s encouragement and confirmation of their callings.

Daniel and Rebekah lived in Charlotte, NC for ten years while working to pay off their school loans and raising support for full-time ministry. Daniel worked in Charlotte as a mechanic for a regional airline. They became very involved in Bible Baptist Church in Matthews, NC, which is now their sending church. Rebekah taught in their church’s Christian school until their first child was born.

After paying off their school loans, they contacted different mission agencies that had aviation programs. South America Mission was a great fit and had a need for a mechanic in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. One of the things they especially appreciate about SAM is the requirement to learn Spanish. This was important to Daniel and Rebekah because while the technical aspects of serving with SAMAIR do not require knowing Spanish, they do need to know the language to build relationships with people and effectively share the gospel.

After attending language school at Seminario Biblico Rio Grande, they joined SAMAIR Bolivia in 2023, over 13 years after being called. Daniel serves as an airplane mechanic, and Rebekah is currently a stay-at-home mom discipling their three children. The Millers look forward to serving in their local Bolivian church and building relationships with those around them.




    Ministry: SAMAIR Bolivia

    SAMAIR Bolivia plays a crucial role in a mission to carry the Gospel into the most remote areas of the Bolivian countryside. We assist in evangelism, pastoral support, and strengthening the body of Christ through discipleship and leadership formation.

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