Duchow, Emily

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Emily Duchow grew up in Wisconsin and was involved in Peace Evangelical and Reformed Church. Through her pastor, she heard about Columbia International University, a school with a missions emphasis. She knows God has placed her there. Currently, she is studying for a Master’s Degree in Care and Counseling.  

Emily has volunteered in Costa Rica and is excited to return overseas. She plans to serve a six-week missionary internship this summer in Pucallpa, a vibrant city in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. She will work alongside seasoned missionaries in diverse ministries, including English classes, children’s ministries, river trips, missionary aviation, construction, and cultural immersion.

Pucallpa is the last reachable city by road before the start of the jungle, where many Indigenous communities are located. With over 310,000 residents, Pucallpa is a major jungle city that serves as a gateway to the Amazon and the hub for SAM operations within the country.

SAM’s first missionaries in Peru traveled up the Amazon River to Iquitos in 1926 and began ministering to the unreached people groups of the Ucayali River basin. Today, SAM’s ministries include SAM Academy (1st-12th school for missionary kids), SAMAIR, Latidos de Esperanza (Heartbeats of Hope) Pregnancy Center, plus Refugio Deaf Education and Deaf Church.

Emily’s heart is for children and to be a part of showing God’s love to them.  Through this internship, she hopes to grow closer to God, learn more about herself, and discover new skills to help her become a more effective ambassador for Christ. Partner with Emily today to enable her ministry participation and invest in her missionary journey!


    Ministry: Peru Field, GO Fund

    Each of South America Mission’s countries of service incurs costs associated with managing and facilitating ministry and caring for missionaries (e.g. compliance with local government regulations, operating a field office, stewarding field finances, etc.) Resources allocated in support of the general operations of the Peru field directly support the infrastructure essential to ministry.

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