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Natalie Suff

Natalie Suff lives in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and reaches out to college students through mentoring and English classes. She also hosted an Afternoon Tea with a short presentation on British culture. Please pray for the flourishing of this new ministry. Pray also for strength and wisdom as she cares for the SAM Bolivia missionary team.

the Millers in language school

Daniel and Rebekah Miller are finishing up their last term at language school. In June, they will join the ministry team in Bolivia. Language school is more than learning grammar but includes public speaking classes, learning to share the gospel and testimonies, and skills to communicate with different ages. Pray that the Millers finish this term well and that God will use this preparation to bear fruit in their relationships and ministry in Bolivia.

SAMAIR Bolivia

In order to minister effectively in Bolivia, SAMAIR planes are under continual maintenance. Carrying out safe and legal maintenance in Bolivia can often be a challenge due to political unrest in the country. Our Cessna 206 has been going through heavy maintenance for the past year, but praise God we are almost done. Please pray for the successful completion of the overhaul and SAMAIR’s ministry.

Bible translation in Bolivia

Daniel and Alejandra Netzlaff are facilitating the translation of the New Testament into the Araona dialect in Bolivia. They are working with several Araona families. Please pray for accuracy as they work toward a table read in March. 

Church planting in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

A small group of Bolivians and SAM missionaries have been meeting together and studying the book Iglesia Centrada in order to plan and prepare for a professional class church plant in Santa Cruz. Pray for Dalmiro Ortiz, Marcelo Escalante, and Mike and Marina Shank–for team building, wisdom, and direction.


The Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center is a Christian school in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. SCCLC’s vision is to see students and faculty transform society through God-honoring service in their homes, communities, and professions. Pray for Director Maribel Ayos, teachers, and staff. Pray also for the students to grow academically and spiritually.

Eric and Zola Ryan

The Ryans are preparing to serve in eastern Bolivia with the Torre Fuerte Indigenous Discipleship Center. They have hearts for discipleship and look forward to participating with students and staff in economic and agricultural development initiatives. Please pray for their support raising efforts and to receive full funding soon. Pray also that their house will sell in a timely manner so they can get to the field as soon as possible.  

Jason and Jenna Weigner

Jason and Jenna Weigner serve together in eastern Bolivia with the Indigenous Rural Outreach team. Jenna is a midwife to the surrounding communities, and Jason is an agronomist collaborating with the Torre Fuerte Indigenous Discipleship Center leadership team. Their four growing boys attend a local school and also homeschool. Please pray for the upcoming indigenous women’s conferences this fall at Torre Fuerte. This year, they will host three smaller conferences for three different indigenous groups: the Ayore, the Chiquitano, and the Cavineño. 

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