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Santo Corazón and San Fernando

This week, the SAMAIR team and 12 other Bolivians are visiting two communities, Santo Corazón and San Fernando, in the eastern part of Bolivia. Historically, SAM has done much ministry in this region. However, support has dwindled due to the pandemic and the lack of people to serve. 

Our current hope and prayer is to visit and imagine how we can continue to partner with these communities in the long term. In the short term, the team will visit leaders, build relationships, offer medical assistance, and learn about their skills and needs. Pray for joyful partnership and the flourishing of the Gospel in Santo Corazón and San Fernando.

the River Ministry in the Beni

SAMAIR Bolivia supports ministry in the Beni, a northern department of Bolivia. Micah Bittner recently traveled with Pastor Enoel to assess and make needed repairs on the boat Enoel uses to serve small communities along the river. They determined that the complicated, rundown system must be entirely removed to install a new one.

Micah and five other men worked 12-hour days, only stopping for quick meals. The five men donated their time and skills. One was the dedicated cook and coffee supplier; another was available to make parts runs; the rest were helping Micah. None of the helpers had any experience with electrical work but had servants’ hearts and a desire to learn. What an excellent opportunity to train these young men in a trade they knew nothing about.

After four full days on the boat, the system was installed. The boat is still not fully functioning as the team decided to replace the batteries, solar panels, generator, and battery charger. As the Lord provides for these components to be changed, the boat will take form and be ready for years of service.

Please pray for the final upgrades and replacements so that Pastor Enoel and his ministry can serve the physical and spiritual needs of the communities on the river.

Churches in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

SAM missionary Mike Shank hosted an informational meeting for pastors and church planters to learn about Life-on-Life Discipleship to use in churches in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Over 15 churches in La Paz are already walking through the discipleship program, and two pastors from La Paz came to share testimonies of the program. Life-On-Life follows Jesus’ model of discipleship for transformation and growth. Pray that many will be discipled and grow in Christlikeness with hearts for their families, communities, and the world.


The Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center (SCCLC) in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, starts a new school year this week. SCCLC serves both Bolivian and international students with a vision to prepare students academically, socially, and spiritually to transform their world. Please pray for staff and students as they begin the new year!

the Miller Family

Daniel and Rebekah Miller and their kids arrived in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, this summer. Daniel will be serving with SAMAir. They are settling into a new home, finding a church, and starting school. Please pray for wisdom and discernment during this transition as they find community and learn about ministry opportunities. 

Jeff HAuse

Jeff HAuse is very thankful for a good transition into Home Ministry Assignment (HMA) and for the provision of a car. Please pray for many significant contacts and for safety on the road during his extensive travel over the next year. Also please ask that Jeff will stay sensitive to opportunities to minister while in the US as well as maintain good communication with the ministry in Bolivia during this time. 

While in the US, Jeff HAuse will receive training from the ministry Corpus to become a mentor/coach for the church development program, ReFocus. This program is already in use in Bolivia, and Jeff has been translating for both in-person visits and virtual meetings. Pray this training will help him and the churches better utilize the program in Bolivia.

Dave and Katrina Smith

The Smith Family finished language school in Costa Rica and is settling in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Dave is serving with SAMAIR as both an airplane pilot and mechanic. With a heart for holistic discipleship, Katrina plans to partner with a local organization to help minister to victims of crime. Pray for Dave, Katrina, and their three girls.

Ministry in La Paz, Bolivia

Mike Shank, who serves in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, had the opportunity to go to La Paz to visit some SAM ministry partners, SIM missionary friends, and Pastor Brandon Cooper from Cityview Church (one of the Shank family’s sending churches). Pastor Brandon led a Discipleship Workshop for area churches. Pray that this training will bless the 15 churches represented at the workshop. Pray for Pastor Angel, who is being evaluated as a church planter with the Acts 29 ministry. Pray for ministry partners who love fixing up trucks and use it as an opportunity to share the Gospel! Overall there is movement in La Paz and the city of El Alto for ministries and pastors to collaborate around the Gospel. Please pray for the cultivation of this movement.

Member Care in Bolivia

Burnout and mental health struggles are not uncommon for Gospel servants. Natalie Suff ministers holistically for the missionary team in Bolivia. Recently she hosted a day-long spiritual retreat for women from SAM and Latin Link as well as breakfast fellowship. Pray for Natalie as she serves the busy missionary team in Bolivia.

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