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English teachers in Bolivia

Marina Shank and her family live and serve in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Marina has many opportunities to use her TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) training, although she does not have a formal teaching position currently. A local friend and English teacher asked Marina to lead a “small” teacher training workshop for her and her colleagues. Fifty current and aspiring teachers participated! Marina noticed a hunger for teacher development in the group. Please pray that God will use Marina to bless this group of teachers and that they can use their profession for the Kingdom.

Rain in eastern Bolivia

Eastern Bolivia is approaching the end of the rainy season, except there has been little rain. The wetlands that are usually overflowing by now are dry, cracked soil pits. The drought has been devastating for the livelihoods of those who depend on the annual rains. Many have lost their crops and struggle to keep their cattle fed. Please pray for rain as the dry season approaches! 

Torre Fuerte Discipleship Center

The Indigenous Rural Outreach (IRO) team serves individuals and rural communities in Bolivia. The IRO team is developing the Torre Fuerte discipleship center. Responding to the need for well-trained, discipled church leaders, Torre Fuerte serves as a space for individuals desiring to grow in their faith.

Presently, the center hosts camps, conferences, and retreats. Our long-term objective is to establish a three-year educational program. This program will focus on growing spiritually mature church leaders plus developing life skills to sustain their families and ministries. Please pray for God to provide the funding to develop Torre Fuerte fully.

You can find a video from Cesar Surubi, director of Torre Fuerte, on SAM’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Dalmiro and Laura Ortiz

Dalmiro and Laura live in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Dalmiro focuses on church planting, discipleship, and accountability by meeting regularly with pastors and church leaders in Santa Cruz and the rural areas of Bolivia. Laura is the elementary principal at Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center. They have a passion to see students, pastors, and leaders deepen their walks with the Lord and in so doing, strengthen their relationships and impact within their families and the communities where they serve. Pray for the ministry of Dalmiro and Laura.


CIET, the Center for Integral Theological Education in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, exists to provide quality, biblical pastoral training for pastors and lay leaders in eastern Bolivia to see them well-grounded in love, ministry, and doctrine. Please pray that God will provide the necessary resources and funding so that CIET can train more pastors and leaders. Please pray for CIET director Pastor Felix Pedraza and coordinators Joselito Chaves Pedraza and Jeff HAuse.

You can find a video detailing these prayer requests on SAM’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.


Mike and Marina Shank

Mike and Marina serve in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. They have been mentoring, preaching, teaching English, tutoring, serving as SAM Bolivia Treasurer, and coming alongside pastors to encourage them (and learn from them!) in the work of forming churches centered on Jesus Christ. Please pray for Mike, Marina, and the pastors and churches in Santa Cruz to live out the Gospel’s implications faithfully.

Natalie Suff

Natalie is the SAM Bolivia team member care facilitator, but she also engages the local college community through friendship, tutoring, and English classes. Please pray for wisdom as she develops student outreach and deepens friendships with women. 


The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Luke 10:2 

Proclama works to mobilize the Bolivian church to send out Bolivian workers to take the salvation of Jesus to the unreached around the world. Pray to the Lord of the harvest that He will send Bolivian workers to the harvest field, raise up Bolivian churches to send and support workers, and give Proclama the wisdom and resources they need to support this ministry.

You can find a video with more details of these prayer requests on SAM’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.


Alejandro Petiga

Please pray for Alejandro Petiga and his family as they plan to move to serve as missionaries to the Araona on the Rio Manupare in the northern area of Bolivia. SAM member Daniel Netzlaff has been working with the Araona to translate the Bible into their language. Please pray that the doors open for Alejandro to settle with the Araona people.

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