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Pray for: Brazilian and Angolan Church Partnership

Wednesday, September 27th, 2023

The Council of Christian Churches of Angola invited Planters Brazil, a Brazilian church-planting ministry, to participate in a national missions conference based in Luanda, Angola. SAM missionary Craig DeLille was honored to join Planters Brazil, contributing to Kingdom growth and the spiritual health of the Angolan church.

Angola, a Portuguese-speaking nation, has a history of wars and destruction. The country struggles with a devastated population, broken infrastructure, and damaged public administration, economy, and religious institutions.

A team of nine pastors and missionaries, including Craig and Brazilian pastor Iraquitan Carvalho, visited several provinces of Angola, teaching, preaching, and encouraging the local church. Craig and Iraquitan also provided training and education for the International Conference of Missions held by the Council of Christian Churches of Angola. 

As the Angolan church leaders continue to look to Brazilian churches and leaders for discipleship, missionary training, and church-planting support, pray for these brothers and sisters eager to see God’s kingdom grow and flourish. Pray that God continues to use these relationships and connections for His glory.