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Pray for: Marshall and Becca Kitron in Pucallpa, Peru

Monday, March 7th, 2022

Marshall teaches high school students at SAM academy. He teaches Bible, history and PE. This year’s Bible class is Doctrines, and the history class is US History. Marshall also has a heart for discipleship. Often missionary kids are faced with the world in a different way when they return to their home countries for college. Please pray for him as he serves these students as a teacher and also a mentor. Please pray that the students grow most in their faith in the Lord.

Tuesday evenings, Marshall leads a Bible study made up of several Peruvians.  They have been meeting over a year together. Please pray for this group of eager students as Marshall shares the Word with them, that they continue to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord.

Becca meets at least once a month with a few young moms. Currently they are the breadwinners of their families, working many hours. Their husbands are supportive and helpful in their businesses and in parenting, but there are struggles too, and their time is very busy. They meet together at least once a month for encouragement and edification in the faith, and to share prayer requests. Pray for these busy moms as they serve their families and desire to be Christ-centered in marriage and parenting.