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The Growing with Jesus Project in Barranquilla, Colombia

Kat Guild volunteers with The Growing with Jesus project in Santa Maria, a neighborhood in Barranquilla, Colombia. Her local church has been working with the children and families of this under-resourced neighborhood. The project has doubled in size this year thanks to a new partnership with a local NGO supporting Venezuelan migrant families! They are excited to see how this new partnership will further enrich the project and open doors for more families to participate in what God is doing in this community. Pray for children and families to know and experience the love of God!

Viva Youth

Viva Youth is a Christian NGO in Colombia that empowers local churches to become social and spiritual transformation agents, strongly emphasizing at-risk youth. 

Pray for legislation that affects Colombian youth exiting the state foster care system. During a Zoom hearing with members of the Colombian Congress studying the approval of a law to benefit these youth, Viva Youth staff members proposed two major changes to the draft legislation, which has made its way through several committees. The changes involve budget allocations and support networks. 

Pray for the Viva Youth community.

Wayuu pastors in Colombia

We are praying for pastors in January!

Pray for the leaders of ASPEWA (The Association of Wayuu Evangelical Pastors) that represent nine denominations, hundreds of churches and communities, and thousands of believers, as they pursue the ultimate goal of reaching all the Guajira (area of northern Colombia) with the gospel (perhaps up to a million Wayuu). 

Pray for the ten recent graduates of CENFOW, the 3-year Wayuu Bible Institute. These graduates are now seeking to pastor in their communities. 

Indigenous pastors in Colombia

We are praying for pastors in January!

The Network of Indigenous Evangelical Leaders of Colombia (RELIEC) is led by Alfredo (Nasa), Luis (Misak), Ismael (Wiwa), and Diego (Arhuaco). Pray for these men as they seek to spread the gospel, strengthen the Church, and lead pastors amongst the Indigenous throughout Colombia. 

Pray for the numerous pastors and missionaries amongst the Indigenous in Colombia who serve their own people and other people groups for the love of the Father!

Pastors in the north coast region of Colombia

We are praying for pastors, their families, and their churches in January.

Please pray for the many churches and their pastors in the north coast region of Colombia, including the cities of Santa Marta, Barranquilla, and Cartagena. Several of these pastors, along with a few elders and leaders, have been meeting together for mutual encouragement and growth. Please lift up the pastors of this whole region, including Pastors Andres, Wilson, Deybis, Wilmer, Otto, and Jose.

Pastor Juan Carlos and Liliana Acevedo

We are praying for pastors, their families, and their churches in January!

Pastor Juan Carlos Acevedo is the pastor/church planter of Iglesia Comunidad Vida y Gracia (Life and Grace Community Church) in the Oriente Antioqueño, a rapidly growing region east of Medellin, Colombia. Pray for Juan Carlos and his wife, Liliana.

CoLabor in Barranquilla, Colombia

Joel and Angel Ballew have a vision to create CoLabor, a co-working space to reach the professional demographic and to provide space for a church plant in Barranquilla, Colombia. After a long search, they secured a building, and the renovation is underway! Please pray for the future ministry of CoLabor and for the people of the city of Barranquilla.

Kat Guild

Praise! After much hard work, Kat Guild received her Trauma Competent Care Trainer Certification in English and Spanish. Kat can train other ministry leaders to understand the impact of trauma on the people they serve and adapt their ministries to address the effects of trauma. Please pray for the many ways God will use this training in Colombia, where Kat serves, and that He will bring healing to the lives of many.

Jorge and Kristina Orozco

Jorge Orozco, the pastor of a church in Armenia, Colombia, and his wife Kristina are ministering to the family of a seven-year-old boy whose heart is failing despite recent heart surgery. Please pray for the family, including the boy’s two older siblings and parents. Pray for the Orozcos as they care for this suffering family.

Church Leaders and Planters in Colombia

The church leaders “Incubator” for the north coast of Colombia just concluded this past week. Pastors from Cartagena, Santa Marta, Barranquilla, and other areas gathered to complete their two-year journey together. The incubator involved learning, seeking the Lord, and equipping to strengthen the bodies of Christ and share Christ in the cities on the coast of Colombia. Pray for these pastors and their congregations.

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