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the Wájaro Foundation

One of the ways Wájaro makes a lasting impact in Indigenous communities is through education. What many of us take for granted and assume is a fundamental right is not the case for many brothers and sisters in Christ in Colombia. Today, Wájaro boasts seven years of experience working alongside the Indigenous church, providing educational programs, starting with literacy through seminary training.

After two years of dedicated work, Wájaro received 400 copies of the primer on Social Sciences, designed and written by Laura Páramo, project director of education with the Wájaro Foundation. She worked so hard, and the fruit of her labor is finally in her hand.  

Laura’s book is dedicated to Indigenous communities and the Lord. Each illustration and theme was carefully thought out from a decolonial perspective. It is a learning resource that Indigenous people can take pride in reading. We believe it will be a great educational tool for the Indigenous people as they become the equipped and gifted leaders that God has designed them to be.

Kat Guild

Kat Guild visited Cartagena, Colombia, with some partners at the Doulos Foundation, who support a network of ministries serving Venezuelan migrant families. She shared with the leaders about trauma, its impact on the populations they serve, and how Trauma Competent Care (TCC) can help. Please pray for these leaders to be trained in TCC and for God to use the training in their ministries.

SAM Board of Directors

SAM’s Board of Directors visited Colombia last month. Praise God for a wonderful trip to witness the many ways He is working and moving. The board listened to, learned from, and prayed for missionaries, national and Indigenous pastors, and ministry leaders. Pray for the leadership of the Board and the flourishing of the church in Colombia.


RELIEC is the Network of Evangelical Indigenous Leaders of Colombia. Pray for the staff as they support the Indigenous communities. They focus on literacy and translation work, religious freedom, human rights, training and equipping the Indigenous women, and providing financial resourses. Pray for the director Alfredo and treasurer Luis who serve sacrificially to see the Gospel reach all the Indigenous groups of Colombia.

the Wayuu people

The Wayuu live in the Guajira, a desert region in the far north of Colombia. The largest Indigenous group of Colombia, pray for the pastors and churches. In the last year, Alfalit and the Wájaro Foundation helped the Wayuu create the first literacy books in their language. Pray for the flourishing of the Wayuu.

Los del Camino

Friends of SAM, Angelica and Andres Narváez are documentarians, working on a series of videos called Los del Camino. This series highlights the growth of the Gospel in Colombia, focusing on different regions and Indigenous groups. Pray for the Narváez family and the ministry of these videos.

Viva Youth

SAM missionaries Jorge and Ginny Enciso serve with Viva Youth, a foundation that reaches orphaned youth in Bogota as they age out of the foster care system. Through life skills training, friendship, counseling, and community, they care for these young adults and introduce them to life in the Kingdom. Pray for the staff of Viva Youth. Daniel is the executive director; Santiago serves as the education director; and Jorge is the strategic director.

Pastors and ministry leaders in Barranquilla, Colombia

SAM missionaries Joel and Angel Ballew help connect pastors and ministry leaders in Barranquilla, Colombia for mutual encouragement and support with the hopes they can work together to further the Kingdom in their communities. Please pray for Otto, Marvel, Daniel, Helen, Cristian, and Evelin who serve the Church as pastors and mentors. They all have a great vision to see healthy churches transforming the people and communities of Colombia. 

the Oriente region

The Oriente, an area to the east of Medellín, is the fastest-growing region of Colombia. Pray for the many pastors, including Juan Carlos, Nate, and Julian, who are serving the people and churches of this area. Pray that God would establish healthy churches to reach the growing populations. 

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