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Viva Youth

In Bogotá, Colombia many young adults aging out of state foster care institutions encounter the Kingdom of God while attending training provided by the ministry of Viva Youth. Thank God for Aula who is a newly adopted member into God’s family. Praise God for baptisms and the growing family of faith in Colombia. 

Serina and Julián Arias

Julián and Serina Arias serve at a church in Caldas, Colombia twice a month. Julián encourages the children in the congregation by giving them a worksheet each Sunday where they can draw what they hear in the sermon. At the end of service, the children are invited to share their drawing. What a joy to see what they learned and to give them the opportunity to encourage the adults as they all grow from the preaching of God’s Word. Praise God for the gift of children!

Kat Guild in Barranquilla, Colombia

Kat Guild lives and serves in Barranquilla, Colombia. She works with the youth group at her local church and helped with VBS this summer. Kat is also grateful for friendships she has made through an English conversation group and with other local missionaries. She is also working on a social media course for local leaders so they can share the incredible stories of God’s work in the city. Pray that God would prosper the ministry of the youth group as well as the ministries of other churches and ministries in Barranquilla.

Viva Youth in Bogota, Colombia

Viva Youth (Fundación Comunidad Viva) is a Colombian organization investing in at-risk youth, many who are orphans, as well as empowering local churches to become agents of social and spiritual transformation for these young men and women. Jorge Enciso has been invested in developing local staff to lead the organization. Among other pressures, the economic needs are significant. Please pray for additional funding and resources for staff to serve the youth and local churches.

for the Ballew family in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Joel and Angel Ballew and their girls live in Barranquilla, Colombia. With a background in business and entrepreneurship, the Ballews are reaching out to professionals as a means of developing leaders and sharing the gospel. They have hearts for mentoring and hospitality. Pray for the Ballew family as they serve in Barranquilla.

the kids from the Creciendo con Jesús (growing with Jesus) project

In Santa Maria, Colombia, the kids involved in the Creciendo con Jesús project just started their semester up at school again! The project is led by the 1st Presbyterian church of Barranquilla. 

Pray for the students as they transition back to school- pray for their friendships, their safety, their teachers and them as they enter back into that environment. It can be a tough place for them in terms of safety and often challenges a lot of the values they are learning in the project.

the Enciso family.

Jorge and Ginny Enciso and their family live and serve in Bogota, Colombia. They work with Ciudad Corazón (house church network) and Viva Youth (peacebuilding initiatives with at-risk youth). Pray for the strength, wisdom and love they need to work and minister in Bogota.

the displaced Indigenous in Colombia.

Pray for the over 1,600 Indigenous displaced due to the violence in their territories, currently scattered throughout the city, after 7 months camping out in a national park in Bogotá. The Wajaro Foundation and Jake and Lauren Jones are collaborating with other organizations, churches, and the government to find a path forward for these people who represent 15 Indigenous groups. Pray for wisdom, for the Spirit´s movement, for provision and collaboration and that Wájaro can shine light on the reality and desperation of so many Indigenous peoples throughout the margins of Colombia.

City to City in Medellín, Colombia.

In the city of Medellín, Julián Arias has been getting to know other pastors and ministry leaders throughout these months through connections with SAM and City to City, a ministry that seeks to connect churches and local ministries to help reach the city with the gospel by working together. He coordinated logistics for City to City’s two day incubator meetings in Medellín with pastors from across the city. Please pray for wisdom as Julián and fellow leaders continue to seek how they can serve together with City to City in Medellín.

the Wayuu in northern Colombia

Praise God for the fruitful work of the Wayuu people and Wájaro Foundation. A picture of 6 books may not excite you, but these are all a part of the literacy program that now enables +800,000 of the Wayuu community to learn how to read and write in their own language (and very efficiently at that)!

In Wájaro’s vision of work, educational development and preservation of culture are important pillars, which is why they started this project two years ago with the Wayuu community and with Alfalit International.

This may be the first well-done and extensive workbook created by Wayuu for literacy in their own language (Wayuunaiki). 

Pray for the Wayuu people of northern Colombia.

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