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Pray for: the Wájaro Foundation

Friday, August 18th, 2023

One of the ways Wájaro makes a lasting impact in Indigenous communities is through education. What many of us take for granted and assume is a fundamental right is not the case for many brothers and sisters in Christ in Colombia. Today, Wájaro boasts seven years of experience working alongside the Indigenous church, providing educational programs, starting with literacy through seminary training.

After two years of dedicated work, Wájaro received 400 copies of the primer on Social Sciences, designed and written by Laura Páramo, project director of education with the Wájaro Foundation. She worked so hard, and the fruit of her labor is finally in her hand.  

Laura’s book is dedicated to Indigenous communities and the Lord. Each illustration and theme was carefully thought out from a decolonial perspective. It is a learning resource that Indigenous people can take pride in reading. We believe it will be a great educational tool for the Indigenous people as they become the equipped and gifted leaders that God has designed them to be.