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Pray for: the River Ministry in the Beni

Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

SAMAIR Bolivia supports ministry in the Beni, a northern department of Bolivia. Micah Bittner recently traveled with Pastor Enoel to assess and make needed repairs on the boat Enoel uses to serve small communities along the river. They determined that the complicated, rundown system must be entirely removed to install a new one.

Micah and five other men worked 12-hour days, only stopping for quick meals. The five men donated their time and skills. One was the dedicated cook and coffee supplier; another was available to make parts runs; the rest were helping Micah. None of the helpers had any experience with electrical work but had servants’ hearts and a desire to learn. What an excellent opportunity to train these young men in a trade they knew nothing about.

After four full days on the boat, the system was installed. The boat is still not fully functioning as the team decided to replace the batteries, solar panels, generator, and battery charger. As the Lord provides for these components to be changed, the boat will take form and be ready for years of service.

Please pray for the final upgrades and replacements so that Pastor Enoel and his ministry can serve the physical and spiritual needs of the communities on the river.