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the indigenous peoples of Brazil.

In April, the Ammi training center in Brazil celebrated Day of the Indian. This was a great time of fellowship, dances, and a cookout celebrating the rich diversity of these cultures and peoples. Pray that God will use Ammi, the staff, and the students to glorify Himself in each tribe.

the AMI Training Center

The Ami training center provides indigenous pastoral training to the many tribes scattered throughout Brazil’s Amazon region. Students come to the Ami campus where they live, study and serve for eight months of the year. The Ami staff is multi-ethnic and participates in all aspects of the students’ training. Students train in scripture knowledge and practical life skills such as agriculture, health and sanitation.

Pray for missionary Vera Bergson who coordinates classes and academic activities. 

Pray for first year students who endure the challenge of traveling and adjusting to the training center, while also often learning portuguese in the process. 

Pray for one young lady in particular who decided to repeat the first year to better understand Portuguese. 

Pray for second year students as they continue studying and learning to engage with different cultures. 

Pray for third year students who will be graduating this year. Pray that God will guide their next steps as they seek opportunities to apply what they learned during their time at Ami.

Pray for the other missionaries and Brazilian staff serving at Ami.

Pastor Alcimar and Geiciana

Pastor Alcimar is a graduate of the Center of Formation of Leaders in Cruzeiro do Sul, Brazil. He is an effective pastor, shepherding well the two congregations with whom he has served. He is gifted in disciplining others and in communication. Pray for him and his wife, Geiciana, as they juggle work, school, and ministry. They would appreciate prayer for the building of a more adequate church in their new location.

Ricardo and Emiliana in Brazil

Ricardo and Emiliana are graduates of Ami in Brazil. They have been living and ministering in their home village. Ricardo has been chosen to be the next chief of his people, a position of great respect and honor. He will be able to make a great difference in his community and impact the lives of his people by leading them by example to walk with God. Their village only has the books of Ruth and Jonah in their own language. Ricardo and Emiliana spent three years at Ami and have 74 stories memorized from the Old and New Testament. Emiliana does a lot of ministry to young children in the village.  

Please pray for Ricardo and Emiliana as they serve their village. Pray for Ricardo to have wisdom to lead well and to give him peace when he is faced with difficult decisions.

the Ami Training Center in Brazil.

Classes for the new year begin this March.  Pray for the multicultural staff (pictured) as they teach, disciple and serve the students. The students are multicultural as well, coming from different indigenous tribes.  Pray for grace, unity and love to cover this school year to the praise and glory of God.

Henrique Terena in Brazil.

Henrique is the director of CONPLEI, the Council of Indigenous Evangelical Pastors and Leaders in Brazil. He and his wife Corina are looking forward to a full year of traveling for conferences, teaching and fellowship. Please pray for good health for their family while they travel. 

They will be participating in the CONPLEI Youth conference March 17-20 in Boa Vista, Roraima State. Pray for the youth of the indigenous church to experience deep fellowship with God and each other.

Mike and Kelli Anderson

Pray for Mike and Kelli Anderson in Brazil. Mike and Kelli serve at the Ammi Training Center, teaching and discipling students. Please pray for them as parents as they homeschool their kids. While homeschooling is going well, Mike and Kelli are increasingly aware of the need for friendships with kids their age. Please pray for wisdom as they look for ways to meet their educational and social needs.

Ammi graduates

Seven students, representing five different indigenous groups, completed the 3-year course at Ammi.  Pray for God to give them joy and purpose as they follow Christ and return to their villages equipped with the Word and ministry training.

the Center of Formation of Leaders

Many students are struggling to make it each night to this bible institute in western Brazil, several driving one hour by motorcycle. Pray for endurance and dedication for these future church leaders. Pray for the ministry worker who is teaching Doctrine of Sin and Christian Leadership this semester.

Tim and Mindy Callahan

Tim and Mindy are new missionaries in Brazil. After language learning in Cuiabá, they will be serving at Ammi, using their gifts in agricultural training and linguistics to serve the ministry. Pray for Tim and Mindy during their transition to the field, language acquisition and cultural immersion.

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