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Pastoral training in Recife, Brazil

In Recife, Brazil, SAM Center hosted a weekend retreat for local pastors in partnership with Downline Ministries. Downline focuses on the importance of discipleship within the church, and the retreat included training sessions for the pastors on how to implement intentional discipleship within their church. It was an encouraging weekend for the Recife ministry team and the pastors! Pray for future opportunities to partner with Downline and to continue investing in local pastors. 

Ammi Training Center

While many Ammi staff and students travel on ministry trips to remote villages in Brazil, the students and staff that remain on campus enjoy a special time of fellowship, training, and service. During the last ministry trip, Regina, a Brazilian missionary who focuses on community development in minority populations, came to Ami to teach baking classes. Students and staff also cleaned, had a pizza night, and provided activities for the children. Pray for the ministry of Regina and for the students and staff of Ammi.

Ammi Training Center

Ministry trips to villages are a highlight of the indigenous training program at Ammi in Brazil. In October, Ammi staff and students visited three different villages. They visited churches, cared for pastors, offered children’s ministry training, and enjoyed fellowship and prayer. Pray for the pastors and churches in these villages.

the SAM Center Team in Recife, Brazil

Praise God that we have completed initial renovations on the SAM Center in Recife, Brazil. We are currently using the facility for ministry activities such as youth retreats, ministry retreats, and discipleship training. Pray for opportunities to rent the facility to local churches for their activities and to generate income to sustain the Center.

the transitions of Tracey Culley and the Callahans.

Tracey will be moving to Brazil tomorrow to serve with the Recife Redemptive Ministry. Please pray for her as she says goodbye to friends and family, for safe travels, and for her as she transitions to her new home in Brazil.

Tim and Mindy Callahan have been in Brazil for one year, studying Portuguese in the city of Cuiabá. They moved to their new home at the Ammi Training center this week. Pray for them as they settle into their new home and begin serving in the ministry at Ammi.


the ministry of Ammi Training Center in Brazil.

One of the Bible classes at Ammi is called “Termos Chaves” or Key Terms. Most students only have portions of the Bible in their language, so a primary need for the students is to learn how to translate natural, accurate, and clear explanations of basic concepts like God, life, death, angel, or grace. 

One example from the Key Terms class is the word forgiveness. Most of the students’ cultures do not practice or understand the idea of forgiveness, so there is no word for it. The students shared that when someone wrongs another person in their village, it is typical for the recipient to hurt the perpetrator back in the same way that they were hurt or to ignore, isolate, leave the village, or try to forget, always seeming to carry the weight of bitterness toward the person who wronged them. The translation process requires an entirely new phrase to be developed in each language explaining the process of receiving forgiveness from God and extending forgiveness to others.

Pray for the ways this class allows the students to develop new language to share the gospel in their home cultures. Pray for the ministry of Ammi and for God’s Word to reach all the tribes of Brazil.

the San Fernando community in eastern Bolivia.

Last month, SAMAIR Bolivia flew two dentists and a doctor to serve for two days in the community of San Fernando in eastern Bolivia. Alas de Aguilas (Wings of Eagles), a ministry started by students at the school SCCLC in Santa Cruz, helped sponsor this trip. Praise God for all the hands that served. Pray for the people of San Fernando to know and experience Christ’s love and care for them.

the first week of classes at Ammi Training Center.

Ammi Training Center, located in indigenous Brazil, celebrated their last semester with a musical conference, where students planted trees, played music and used other forms of creativity to bring glory to God. Please pray for their new semester that began on August 1st. Please pray for the beginning of classes and guest teachers that will be traveling to teach at the campus. Pray that Ammi will continue to seek creative ways to teach their students about glorifying God in all they do.


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