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Misión TEC and Kyle and Cristina Thomas

The mission statement of Misión TEC is “forming lives for eternity through Biblical teaching and life training.” The Thomases partner with local pastors and leaders to provide ministry and event space at TEC. The property hosted an inter-neighborhood children’s soccer tournament sponsored by the local mayor. They continue to partner with the ministry Kids Alive and to receive churches for retreats and baptisms. One major highlight was a women’s retreat that served 34 women from five local churches for spiritual refreshment through fellowship and Bible study.

The Thomases and several local pastors and friends are praying to see how they might initiate Bible training on the premises. Please pray as they seek the Lord’s direction for this endeavor. 


SAMAIR Peru flew Brazilian pastors to the Awajuan community, where they have been working to translate the Bible for the last 20 years. They were celebrating the completion of the translation. Praise God that these people now have the Word of God in their heart language!

Latidos de Esperanza

Latidos de Esperanza (Heartbeats of Hope) is a pregnancy ministry in Pucallpa, Peru. 

Ministry volunteers have been able to teach in several schools, and they hosted a breakfast for pastors to learn about the ministry. Please pray that more churches will support this ministry so that their services can serve the greater community. 

Ayacucho, Peru

The IBC church association in Peru commissioned Cesar Shupingahua as the pastor of IBC Ayacucho. Cesar, Vanessa, and their kids have been ministering to the church and community in Ayacucho for over a year. SAM members Rick and Donna Martin have been working alongside them. Praise God for His provision for this young church! 

Lily Thurlow

In March, Lily will join the SAM team in Pucallpa, Peru. She will serve at Refugio, a school and ministry to students with disabilities. She will be working with the Deaf community and learning Peruvian Sign Language. She has been working hard to prepare for her ministry in Peru, including fundraising and intercultural communication training. Please pray for her as she says goodbye to friends and family and transitions to life and service in Peru.

IBC Bustamante Church in Arequipa, Peru

IBC Bustamante, a young church in Arequipa, Peru, celebrated God’s faithfulness on their 3rd anniversary. The church has enjoyed welcoming new visitors each week this year. Please pray for the IBC Bustamante church as they grow in faith and love for one another and their community. 

Scalpel at the Cross

Scalpel at the Cross’ mission is to be a lighthouse for Christ through a medical ministry in the Peruvian Amazon by offering free orthopedic surgical and rehabilitative care as a platform for sharing the hope of the gospel.

Over the past two decades, with teams of Peruvian and American staff and volunteers, Scalpel has evaluated, treated, and provided care for patients with musculoskeletal conditions in Pucallpa, Peru. At the same time, they facilitate educational exchange amongst local medical providers. Scalpel works with local hospitals and more than 17 strategic ministry partners, including SAMAIR Peru. SAM’s history with Scalpel dates back to 1988, when a strong friendship was formed between SAM members Craig and Heather Gahagan and Scalpel founders Peter and Nancy Cole.

Currently, Scalpel at the Cross is fundraising to build Miracle Campus in Pucallpa, which will include permanent facilities for orthopedic services while supporting the spiritual needs of the patients and those who serve them.

Scalpel at the Cross is unwavering in its commitment to seeing the gospel impact lives for eternity.

Oral Bible Storying Workshop in Peru

In November, SAM member Mike Anderson participated in an oral Bible storying workshop with pastors of a local Indigenous community in Peru. The pastors are developing an oral curriculum for their Bible institute. They spent several days poring over the details of the story of the Fall and translating it into the Shipibo language. 

One pastor commented that although he had studied at Bible school before, studying theological principles in context through stories allowed him to understand better the principles and how they fit together in God’s Story. 

Pray for Mike and the pastors as they have another workshop this month to continue the translation.

Pastor Meison Missly

We are praying for pastors in January!

Meison is the pastor of Iglesia Evangelica Misionera Divino Redentor in Pucallpa, Peru. He is passionate about church members having growing, intimate relationships with God by studying God’s Word, developing a discipline of prayer and obedience to the Holy Spirit, and imitating Jesus in obedience and fulfilling the Great Commission. He and his wife Gladys have been married for 38 years. They are grateful for their three grown sons, all involved in ministry and church. Please pray for Pastor Meison and Iglesia Evangelica Misionera Divino Redentor.

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